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August 24, 2011

FAQ: Can I apply for a U visa if I have had previous charges against me?

Yes, you can. One of our office’s very first cases involved a client who was the victim of a car shooting, in which two occupants of the car were killed. He received minor injuries, but the emotional and mental pain he suffered was severe. The client would have been inadmissible to the United States under other visa regulations because he had a history of misdemeanor driving offenses, including a DUI, and one count of felonious trespassing. However, the U Visa regulations stipulate that any immigrant victim of a qualifying crime may apply for U nonimmigrant status. This particular client succeeded in obtaining a U Visa, and subsequently his life improved tremendously. Witnessing his friends’ murders and being the victim in a near-death experience made him consider the crimes he had committed in the past and actively change for the better. The U Visa and accompanying Employment Authorization he received allowed him to make this change, and now he has a good job, a wife, and a beautiful baby.

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