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July 20, 2010

Who is an illegal alien?

US citizens heading to Canada to escape global warming.

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July 14, 2010

follow the money and it leads to CCA

Corporate Con Game
How the private prison industry helped shape Arizona’s anti-immigrant law.
By Beau Hodai

"Beside my brothers and my sisters, I’ll proudly take a stand. When liberty’s in jeopardy, I’ll always do what’s right. I’m out here on the frontline, sleep in peace tonight. American soldier, I’m an American soldier…”

So goes the ringtone of Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce’s (R-Mesa) phone—as performed by Toby “we put a boot up your ass, it’s the American way” Keith. Seconds into any conversation with Pearce about illegal immigration, you’ll discover that the song fits. In his mind, Pearce is an “American soldier” fighting a war that he believes threatens the very fiber of the nation...".


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July 13, 2010

This election cycle the comedians are shaping the debate on immigration

Would you like a job as a migrant farm worker?

Pundit Stephen Colbert would – he's agreed to take the United Farm Workers' challenge to "Take their jobs."

Anti-immigrant forces have argued that immigrants, particularly the undocumented, have been taking jobs from Americans. Despite studies clearly showing that comprehensive immigration reform would help the American economy, they’ve insisted on using the economic crisis as a way to stall real reform. That’s why UFW – and now, Stephen Colbert – are showing the whole country that farm workers’ jobs aren’t easy.


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