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May 04, 2010

Flood in Nashville

By now you may have heard of the flood in Nashville over the last weekend. My family, home and office are okay. We live on a mountain so no flooding problem. We had planted some plants near two drainage pipes. The mulch clogged the filters which protected the pipes from clogging. So Sunday morning when I woke up the water was one inch from entering our house. We used a large broom to push the water down the hill.

Next my wife and I unplugged the filters to allow the pipes to drain the water. The crawl space is wet but it will dry out. The electricity went out numerous times as trees fell throughout the neighborhood taking electrical lines with them.

The power crews and tree cutters did a great job in reconnecting the lines and removing the trees. We rebuilt and expanded our retaining wall when we bought the home four years ago. Numerous neighbors homes were damaged as the hill collapsed into their houses. Across the street we smelled the odor of a gas leak; rotten eggs. I called Piedmont Gas and they sent out an inspector. I showed him where the odor was coming from. Their gas meter was spinning out of control. The hillside had come lose and broke the gas line which they used for their outside grill. The inspector closed the gas line to close the leak.

Later in the evening I met with my neighbors who had been out of town and told them what had occurred. They were grateful to have a home.

Across the city there has been flooding and the water is rising in downtown. It has reached fourth avenue in some parts. Lets hope that it does not increase.

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