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April 15, 2010

Urge Governor Brewer to VETO Russell Pearce's SB1070!

from the Border Action Network;

The Arizona House may have passed SB1070, but we still need to bombard Arizona Governor Jan Brewer with phone calls, faxes and emails urging her to VETO this terrible bill!

We have spoken in large numbers over the past few months, and now Governor Brewer needs to hear from us more than ever!

Please sign the online petition, call or fax the Governor, and send this email to your friends and contacts in AZ!

We may only have a few days to convince her before the bill arrives on her desk, so please email and call ASAP.

Click Here to sign Change.org's petition to the Governor;


Governor Brewer's Phone Numbers and Contact Info:

Toll Free: 1 (602) 542-4331

Fax: (602) 542-1381

Email: azgov@az.gov

Thank you for your support and your action! This fight is not over yet!

If you have any doubts about Pearce's irrational, single-minded focus on pushing immigrant families and everyone in the state further down the path of backwards policies, watch an interview with the Senator on the Sunday Square Off:


Note: not a single statistic he tosses out is true. We'll get to that another day…

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