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December 23, 2009

In the Christmas spirit the Senate Health bill joins the anti-immigrant frenzy

Sticking It to Illegal Immigrants, Just to Make a Point

"The Senate health care bill's treatment of illegals is cruel -- and counterproductive.

By Mark Willen, Senior Political Editor, The Kiplinger Letter, December 22, 2009

The House version of the health care bill bars illegal immigrants from receiving any form of government subsidy to help them buy insurance in the exchanges that will be set up to foster competition and reduce the rolls of the uninsured. While the provision is likely to increase costs for the government, employers and individuals because of cost shifting, it is understandable that many Americans would reject the idea of rewarding illegals by providing subsidized insurance.

But the Senate bill goes a dangerous step further, and its immigration provision is much harder to justify. It would prevent illegal immigrants from buying insurance on the state-run exchanges, even if they do so with their own money. This is cruel, stupid and probably unworkable. It is akin to barring illegals from buying food in grocery stores or restaurants and making them get free food in soup kitchens, which are subsidized by private donors and government aid...".


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