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August 06, 2009

Immigration reform in 2009

With the battle in DC on health care involving Obama, Democrats, Blue dogs, Republicans, Health care companies, etc people ask me will there be immigration reform in 2009. I have come to believe that what we can obtain will be turning back the worst parts of the immigration laws on how they impact families. The strategy has to be mulit-pronged;

Help on health care reform to gain new allies (ultimately we cannot hope to succeed on reform if Obama is prevented from insuring 1/6 of the population. Really can we expect them to care about our needs if they do not care about their own citizens?

Continue to focus on winning small victories; see administrative victories to bring about change.

Build your social network to reach out to those who are unfamiliar with immigration issues.

Get to know your congressional representatives and senators. Learn about their issues, friend, supporters. To influence them you have to become an expert on them.

Look at this long term; this will take several more years to succeed. What else can we do except continue forward towards comprehensive immigration reform.

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