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July 09, 2009

Leaving Honduras

On Sunday I was supposed to take a flight to return to the US from Tegucigalpa. In the morning of the 5th of July we learned that all of the airports had been closed due to the attempted return of the President Mel Zeyala. The army was blocking the runways in all of the airports to prevent his return upon orders of the new President Roberto Micheletti. After changing my flight to Wednesday the first available date my family and I went to Valle de Angeles a beautiful village near the capital. There we did some shopping and ate a great Honduran steak dinner. Due to the military curfew at 6:00 pm we headed home early.

On Tuesday I called to confirm my Wednesday flight and connection to Chicago. After being passed to 5 different flight agents and 2 hours later I was told that all flights have been canceled until Saturday. Luckily I had a fully charged cell phone for this call. So then I called a bus line and caught an express bus to San Salvador, El Salvador. The trip took 8 hours to leave due to many roads that were closed by the police/army.

Fortunately the airline allowed me to exchange my Honduran flight for departure in El Salvador without to great a penalty fee. From there on Wednesday I caught a flight to Miami and then Chicago.

On Thursday I attended my clients marriage adjustment interview which went well. Now I will return to Nashville, Tennessee for work tomorrow.

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