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January 23, 2009

Victory against English Only in Nashville, TN

January 23, 2009

Last night the supporters of Nashville for all of us celebrated the results of the defeat of English Only. This election was a test of the will of the city; an elected city councilman Eric Crafton against immigrants and their supporters. To defeat this ballot the supporters reached out to all their networks. Mayor Dean, the Chamber of Commerce and many groups and individuals joined the fight. The Nashville for all of us was a display of all of the groups of the city.

The tools of the web were put to good use by the opponents to English Only. I created an event on the first day of voting on Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/event.php?eid=57046083205

The Facebook group Vote No to the Nashville English Only Referendum on January 22, 2009 for all of us helped link the event to its supporters. This grew by itself as the youth of the city joined and told their friends.

The result of the turnout on January 2, 2009 astonished me as a grand total of 808 confirmed guests (2% of the 41,752 against English Only) versus yes vote of 32,144. 316 registered as maybe attending; 1,133 not Attending 718 and awaiting Reply. To put this in a different perspective the 808 was roughly 10% of the total early vote of 8,725 against.

As I discussed with John Lamb, creator of the Nashvilleforallofus.org website at the election event last night these Facebook tools were not available until recently. Facebook allowed the Nashville for all of us to link the individual networks together into a larger network. The result was a combined show of power which turned defeat into a victory.

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