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January 22, 2009

The current state of immigration law

Here is an article which describes the current immigration policy absent immigration reform in the US;

Immigration agents casting their nets beyond fugitive list
By Leslie Berestein, Staff Writer, January 18, 2009

558,000: Estimated number of people on ICE's fugitive list
34,155: Number of arrests that fugitive teams made in fiscal 2008
25,936: People arrested in 2008 whose names were on the fugitive list
30,408: Number of arrests in 2007
18,324: People arrested in 2007 whose names were on the list
15,462: Number of arrests in 2006
10,109: People arrested in 2006 whose names were on the list
$226.5 million: ICE budget for fugitive operations in fiscal 2009
$121.9 million: Budget for fugitive operations in 2006
SOURCE: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

The hazy violet light of dawn is just appearing in the eastern sky one recent morning as a team of immigration agents steps quietly onto the front porch of a rickety wooden house in Escondido tucked next to a thrift shop.
Wearing vests and jackets labeled “police,” the agents knock on the screen door. A couple of minutes go by before a short, stocky man in a red tank top appears, his dark hair in disarray as if he had been roused from bed.

“Somos policía,” one of the agents begins in Spanish. “We're police. Do you mind if we come inside to talk to you?”
It is a scene that has become increasingly common in immigrant communities. Since 2003, a growing staff of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents has been charged with removing hundreds of thousands of people nationwide who have not complied with deportation orders.

ICE officials credit the policy with significantly reducing the nation's list of noncompliant deportees, whom the agency refers to as fugitives. But it has a particularly controversial component: Once inside a home, it's common for agents check the immigration status of others, sometimes even when the person they are seeking isn't there.
Out of the 80,025 arrests made by ICE fugitive teams in fiscal years 2006 through 2008, nearly one-third were people not on the list...'.


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