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January 07, 2009

A Matter of Vital Importance; Please vote against the English-only Referendum

From: Avi Poster [mailto:aviposter@comcast.net]
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 7:39 PM
Subject: A Matter of Vital Importance; Please vote against the English-only Referendum

After reading the letter below, feel free to pass it on to your e-lists or use portions of this in a note of your own. If you are a Davidson County resident ... I hope you will vote (against-against) these resolutions. If you are not a Davidson County resident, please consider passing this on to those you know who are because the outcome of this election will affect all of us who live in the metropolitan area and who work in and love Nashville. ... Avi
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you are well aware, a resolution has been placed on the ballot this month in Davidson County for the sole purpose of unduly limiting government communication to the English language only. I am writing this email to personally appeal to you to be sure to go to the polls to vote AGAINST this resolution as well as vote AGAINST its companion resolution calling for a reduction in the number of signatures needed to place a resolution on a ballot. The latter calls for reducing the already low threshold for signatures needed to bring frivolous resolutions like English Only before the public.

I believe you know me as a person of reason. Please trust me when I say that passage of this proposed English Only resolution will not only be harmful to those new to our city, but will establish Nashville as a regressive community, one in which diversity is neither welcome nor celebrated. In fact, if this resolution passes, Nashville will become the largest community in the United States to have adopted such a restrictive policy.

In the simplest of terms, the proposed English Only resolution is unnecessary and divisive public policy, one that will make the assimilation and adjustment of new arrivals to our community even more difficult than it already is. If adopted, this resolution will cause irreparable harm to our local economy and revenue stream, will negatively impact our employment base, and will paint our community, for the world to see, as one that does not welcome or embrace differences among us. The fact remains that English has already been adopted as the official language of the State of Tennessee. This English Only resolution will only succeed in placing unwarranted obstacles in front of some of the most vulnerable among us. I encourage you to read the Nashville For All Of Us fact sheet (http://host1.bondware.com/~tennes/photos/File58.pdf) that details why this is simply bad policy.

I have joined a broad coalition of voices and organizations in our community that has emerged in opposition to the English Only resolution. This coalition includes our Mayor, three quarters of our City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, a large number of community leaders from a variety of arenas, both of our local daily newspapers - the Tennessean and the City Paper, all of our university presidents, more than 200 local clergy, major nonprofit organizations, leaders in government and education, and many, many others. I am hoping you will be part of this growing coalition. For more information about this coalition and the effort being mounted against the English Only resolution, as well as to sign on as a supporter, go to the Nashville For All Of Us website (http://www.nashvilleforallofus.org/About.html).

Early Voting has already begun and will continue through January 17 at the Davidson County Election Commission (the old Howard School located right off of Route 65 at 800 2nd Avenue, South). Election Day will take place on January 22 at neighborhood polling places (ironically the same week our new President will be inaugurated and our nation will celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday). My hope is that you will go to the polls early … and will cast your vote AGAINST both of the proposals being forwarded.

As I cannot do justice in this short call for action to the horde of reasons why your vote is absolutely needed, please feel free to contact me, at any time, with questions or for more information. AND ... please feel encouraged to pass this email on to your e-list.

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