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December 22, 2008

Amendments on the ballot in Nashville TN, January 2009

I hope you will join me in voting "against" two measures that will be on the ballot in Davidson County in January:

Amendment One: This is the “English Only” Charter change. As you may know, English is already the “official and legal language” of Tennessee, meaning this referendum is a waste of time and the city's money. The real effect if this amendment is approved will be to discourage business investments in Nashville, meaning we will lose jobs, and damage Nashville’s well-deserved reputation as a welcoming city.

Amendment Two: This would make it much easier to make changes to the Metro Charter (like English Only) by drastically lowering the number of signatures required to bring such amendments onto a ballot. This would make our city's governing charter subject to special interests, and this could be done as often as once a year. This amendment would reduce the effectiveness of our Metro Government and weaken our stable business environment.

Early voting begins on Friday January 2, at the Davidson County Election Commission office, 800 Second Avenue South, and ends January 17. The final day of voting will be January 22 at regular voting places countywide.

Thank you for helping to defeat these unwise measures.

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