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November 19, 2008

Immigration Policy Center Launches New Immigration Policy Blog

The current climate of undeterred online immigrant-bashing is about to be faced with a force to contend with. The Immigration Policy Center (IPC) yesterday announced the launching of its new blog, Immigration Impact at www.ImmigrationImpact.com. Immigration Impact was developed to help reshape the immigration debate in a way that will bring the country closer to comprehensive immigration reform. The blog will provide thoughtful and rapid-response commentaries and insights on the latest news and events so that you can be up-to-date with what's going on in the immigration debate.

"The misleading messages coming from an increasingly large number of anti-immigrant blogs demand an honest and informative response from their counterparts in the blogosphere," said IPC director and Immigration Impact contributor, Angela Kelley. "We're joining the blogosphere to tell the other side of the story and counter these attacks with arguments based in fact, research, and in-depth analysis."

Writers for the blog currently include Dr. Michele Waslin and Dr. Walter Ewing, two leading researchers and policy analysts in the immigration field. Notable and longstanding immigration advocates Benjamin Johnson and Angela Kelley will also serve as regular contributors. The Immigration Policy Center welcomes guest-contributions from reputable writers, bloggers, and advocates in the field.

Visit Immigration Impact at www.ImmigrationImpact.com.

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