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August 23, 2008

Census Bureau Projects Diversity Will Boom: Today's Newcomers Becoming New Americans

According to new U.S. Census Bureau projections, by 2042 American minorities will grow to become a majority, adding to the ethnic and racial diversity that has historically defined our country. The genius of this country is demonstrated by the fact that so many nationalities and ethnicities find a home in the U.S. and are shaped by the U.S. experience while they simultaneously participate in building the U.S.

Hispanics, Asians, and Pacific Islanders are among groups identified as significantly contributing to the overall minority population growth. Some of this increased diversity is attributed to immigration to the U.S. and should be welcomed. As they have throughout U.S. history, immigrants continue to contribute to our economy and our culture. Yet it is the children and grandchildren of immigrants - born and raised in the U.S. - that will contribute most to the increase in minority populations.

While some fear that demographic shifts threaten American identity, research and experience has shown that today's immigrants integrate into American society just as generations of immigrants before them - they learn English, buy property, intermarry, become U.S. citizens, and otherwise weave into the fabric of this nation.

Detailed charts, information on methodology, and a press release on these projections is available on the U.S. Census Bureau website at;

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