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June 05, 2008

Night of 1,000 Conversations with the Rights Working Group


Get your community talking about the inhumanity of detention conditions and what we all must do to hold DHS accountable.
Join the Night of 1,000 Conversations on June 19, 2008

What & When
On June 19th, thousands of people from across the country will gather in homes, offices, coffee shops, and places of worship to discuss how the overreach of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is undermining the civil liberties and human rights of people living in America.

The Problem
In the name of national security, DHS has adopted practices that routinely violate basic rights of immigrants in this country, including legal residents and citizens.

The Solution

Organized by AILA coalition partner, the Rights Working Group, the Night of a 1,000 Conversations will promote awareness and mobilize our communities. People all over the country will engage each other in discussions about actions to help restore accountability to DHS’ practices. The Night of the 1,000 Conversations will be the critical first step to launch a larger Rights Working Group campaign to demand extensive reforms at DHS.

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