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April 18, 2008

Vocal opposition to SAVE is urgently needed!

Your U.S. Representative is undecided about the SAVE Act.
Calls are urgently needed to ensure Rep. Jim Cooper's OPPOSITION!
Tell your Rep NOT TO SIGN the discharge petition!

Follow these steps for action:

1. Read below for talking points

2. Call Rep. Jim Cooper at (202) 225-4311

3. Forward this message to your professional and personal networks!

A discharge petition circulating the House of Representatives that, if successful, would force a vote on an ill-conceived deportation-only bill! Tell Rep. Jim Cooper NOT TO SIGN the petition because the bill, the "SAVE Act" (H.R. 4088), introduced by Reps. Heath Shuler (D-NC) and Brian Bilbray (R-CA) IS NOT the right solution to our broken immigration system!!

Rep. Jim Cooper: (202) 225-4311

Talking Points:
1) Please DO NOT Sign the Discharge Petition on The SAVE Act.

2) The Shuler/Tancredo bill mandates participation in a Basic Pilot employment verification system which relies on the deeply flawed and inaccurate Social Security Administration and DHS databases.

3) Now just a voluntary program, the Basic Pilot program is only used by 52,000 employers. The Shuler/Tancredo bill would require more than 6 million employers to use the system within the next 4 years - a more than 11,000% increase in participation of a fundamentally flawed system.

4) The Shuler/Tancredo bill will create serious economic hardship for U.S. businesses and workers and will do nothing to solve the problem. Inevitably, many thousands of US citizens and legal residents will be fired or denied employment opportunities and businesses will lose valuable workers who cannot resolve bureaucratic data discrepancies.

5) Equally important, as a measure to curb undocumented immigration, the Shuler/Tancredo bill ignores the root systemic problems and fails to deal with the fact that more than 5% of the US workforce is undocumented.

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