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April 02, 2008

Lobby Day on April 3, 2008 in Washington DC

Our Mission: On April 3, will educate policy makers about the real and deepening crisis facing American businesses, communities, and families. We will persuade members of Congress and their staff that immigration policies are failing America.

Our broken immigration system can only be fixed with a comprehensive solution that:

requires the undocumented population to come out of the shadows and earn legal status;

provides fair and lawful ways for American businesses to hire much-needed immigrant workers who help grow our economy while protecting U.S. workers from unfair competition;

reduces the unreasonable and counterproductive backlogs in family-based and employment-based immigration by reforming the permanent immigration system; and

protects our national security and the rule of law while preserving and restoring fundamental principles of due process and equal protection.

But given the political impossibility of a large-scale overhaul this Congress, law makers can and must take specific immediate action to diminish the suffering of American businesses, communities, and families. We are not abandoning our vision for long term solutions, but recognize the political realities of achieving them at this time. For the duration of the 110th Congress, Senators and Representatives will be confronted with deportation-only immigration proposals that are short sighted and can only exacerbate the current crisis. AILA strongly opposes deportation-only strategies and instead urges relief to business, communities and families by:

Businesses in Crisis
Providing H-1B, H2-B, and EB relief
Communities in Crisis
Providing due process protections and detention standards
Families in Crisis
Restoring discretion and waivers

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