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March 31, 2008

comprehensive immigration reform

I received this question from borderranven on You Tube; What do you mean by "meaningful, comprehensive immigration reform"?

1) encourage the undocumented population to come out of the shadows and earn legal status; 2) provide fair and lawful ways for American businesses to hire much-needed immigrant workers;
3) reduce the unreasonable and counterproductive backlogs in family-based and employment-based immigration by reforming the permanent immigration system; and
4) protect our national security and the rule of law while preserving and restoring fundamental principles of due process and equal protection.

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March 28, 2008

Sisyphus (SIS-i-fus)

The current state of lack of immigration reform reminds me of the story of Sisyphus (SIS-i-fus). Here is the story from Wikipedeia;

"Sinner condemned in Tartarus to an eternity of rolling a boulder uphill then watching it roll back down again. Sisyphus was founder and king of Corinth, or Ephyra as it was called in those days. He was notorious as the most cunning knave on earth. His greatest triumph came at the end of his life, when the god Hades came to claim him personally for the kingdom of the dead. Hades had brought along a pair of handcuffs, a comparative novelty, and Sisyphus expressed such an interest that Hades was persuaded to demonstrate their use - on himself.

And so it came about that the high lord of the Underworld was kept locked up in a closet at Sisyphus's house for many a day, a circumstance which put the great chain of being seriously out of whack. Nobody could die. A soldier might be chopped to bits in battle and still show up at camp for dinner. Finally Hades was released and Sisyphus was ordered summarily to report to the Underworld for his eternal assignment. But the wily one had another trick up his sleeve.

He simply told his wife not to bury him and then complained to Persephone, Queen of the Dead, that he had not been accorded the proper funeral honors. What's more, as an unburied corpse he had no business on the far side of the river Styx at all - his wife hadn't placed a coin under his tongue to secure passage with Charon the ferryman. Surely her highness could see that Sisyphus must be given leave to journey back topside and put things right.

Kindly Persephone assented, and Sisyphus made his way back to the sunshine, where he promptly forgot all about funerals and such drab affairs and lived on in dissipation for another good stretch of time. But even this paramount trickster could only postpone the inevitable. Eventually he was hauled down to Hades, where his indiscretions caught up with him. For a crime against the gods - the specifics of which are variously reported - he was condemned to an eternity at hard labor. And frustrating labor at that. For his assignment was to roll a great boulder to the top of a hill. Only every time Sisyphus, by the greatest of exertion and toil, attained the summit, the darn thing rolled back down again".

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March 18, 2008

Work Visa Warning - Cindy Carter reporter WZTV Fox 17/Nashville


Some undocumented Hispanics who are hoping a work visa will keep them in Tennessee legally believe they are getting ripped off. Immigration attorneys say they are worried about people claiming to be attorneys and charging clients up to 10-thousand dollars for work visas.

The problem is, these visas have been extremely hard to come by since the passage of tougher immigration laws back in 2001. Relatively few have been issued in the last seven years yet many Hispanics are still paying top dollar for paperwork that never arrives.

Immigration attorney, Mario Ramos says, "Its easy for people to prey on that dream and basically take advantage of them."

Hispanics are pushing for more law enforcement. Unfortunately, victims are often afraid to come forward for fear of deportation

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March 13, 2008

Skip the Spin and Get the Facts on Immigration

(NU) - Primary season is in full swing, and the candidates have everyone talking about immigration. As the campaign season rolls onward and the intensity

of the rhetoric escalates, get the facts on five recurring myths, and clear the way for an honest immigration debate.

Myth #1: A deportation-only policy will fix our immigration problems. Deporting 12 million undocumented immigrants from the United States would cost an estimated $230 billion and result in a shortage of 2.5 million workers, according to a 2005 study from the Center for American Progress. And, in addition to damaging families and industries, a deportation-only policy does not address the fundamental dysfunction of our immigration system.

Myth #2: Immigrant workers suppress American wages. An overwhelming majority of economists agree that immigrants actually increase economic productivity and the wages of American workers. Additionally, the White House Council of Economic Advisers concluded in a 2007 report that roughly 90 percent of native born workers experience wage gains due to immigration, which total between $30 billion and $80 billion per year.

Myth #3: The United States spends billions on welfare for undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants are not eligible to receive welfare

benefits – ever. Even legal, permanent residents are severely limited when it comes to the benefits they can receive. They must pay into the Social Security and

Medicare systems for about 10 years before they are eligible to receive retirement benefits. Furthermore, the percentage of U.S.- born children of immigrants – documented and undocumented – who are eligible for federal assistance is declining.

Myth #4: Undocumented immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens. A 2007 study by the University of California, Irvine, found that, among men ages 18-39 (who comprise the majority of the U.S. prison population), the incarceration rate for native-born citizens was 3.5 percent, five times higher than the rate for immigrants in 2000.

Myth #5: Immigrants don’t assimilate into U.S. society. In states with a long tradition of immigration, such as California, it has been found that immigrants

do learn English and climb the socio-economic ladder over time, with each successive generation closing the income and education gap between themselves and white, native-born Americans.

For more information on immigration policies, visit www.aila.org.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association for NewsUSA

Amid the primaries, there are many myths floating around about immigration. NewsUSA

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March 08, 2008

The Attorney General has filed suit against Elmer Virula, TPS Tax Professional Services, Inc., and Office Professional Services, Inc. in Davidson County Circuit Court.

Office of the Attorney General
Robert E. Cooper, Jr.
Department of Commerce and Insurance
Commissioner Leslie Newman

Office of the Attorney General
P.O. Box 20207 Nashville, TN 37202-0207
Department of Commerce and Insurance
Division of Consumer Affairs
500 James Robertson Parkway Nashville, TN 37243
March 6, 2008 Sharon Curtis-Flair
#08-14 (615) 741-5860

Tennessee Attorney General Sues To Stop Alleged Unauthorized Practice of Law By Individual and Company in Middle Tennessee Immigrant Community

Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper, acting on behalf of the Division of Consumer Affairs, filed a civil law enforcement action against a Middle Tennessee man for allegedly providing legal services without a license to members of the Hispanic immigrant community.

The Attorney General has filed suit against Elmer Virula, TPS Tax Professional Services, Inc., and Office Professional Services, Inc. in Davidson County Circuit Court. To obtain a copy of the State’s filings, go to www.attorneygeneral.state.tn.us and then click on Office Information and Cases of Interest.

The defendants are charged with the unauthorized practice of law for allegedly providing services from their offices located on Billingsgate Road in Antioch, South Mountain Street in Smithville, and Nolensville Pike and Thompson Lane in Nashville. The State’s lawsuit alleges the defendants falsely told consumers that Elmer Virula is an attorney and certified public accountant in the State of
Tennessee. The complaint also alleges the defendants misled consumers, claiming they could provide legal services such as immigration document preparation, marriage licenses and other government certificates, which were falsified.

The State has also filed a motion for temporary injunction seeking to stop the unlawful conduct. The Court has set the hearing on the State’s motion seeking an injunction for 9 a.m. March 11 before Judge Hamilton Gayden in Davidson County Circuit Court, Division I.

If you paid Elmer Virula, TPS Tax Professional Services, Inc., or Office Professional Services, Inc. for services, please contact the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office at (615) 741-1671 or toll free within Tennessee at 1-877-275-7396. The State is still trying to determine how many consumers may have paid Virula and the related businesses for services he allegedly did not provide.

If you know of an individual or company that may be practicing law without a license, please file a complaint with the Attorney General by downloading a complaint form from http://www.attorneygeneral.state.tn.us/cpro/upl.htm and mailing it back to:

Tennessee Attorney General’s Office
Consumer Advocate and Protection Division
Attn: UPL Complaint
P.O. Box 20207
Nashville, TN 37202-0207

To find out if an attorney is licensed to practice law in Tennessee, and to find out if the attorney is in good standing, call the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility at (615) 361-7500 or go to the website at http://www.tbpr.org/

To find out if an accountant is licensed as a certified public accountant in Tennessee and in good standing, call the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy at (615) 741-2550 or toll free in Tennessee at 1-888-453-6150 or go to the website at http://tennessee.gov/commerce/boards/tnsba/
Consumers with complaints about individuals or businesses engaged in unfair or deceptive trade practices should contact the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-342-8385 (toll-free inside Tennessee) or (615) 741-4737.

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March 07, 2008

Elmer Virula, Unlicensed Man Performed Marriages, State Sues | WKRN.COM

Unlicensed Man Performed Marriages, State Sues


Find more items like this at: http://www.wkrn.com

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