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December 14, 2007


Dear Businesses,

Here is a note from the AILA Business Committee;;

On a daily basis, most of us find ourselves advising clients that, although the H-1B visa would be the perfect vehicle for a talented potential hire, H-1Bs are unavailable for the remainder of the fiscal year. We, and our clients, are in a unique position to understand the strain on U.S. employers and the damage to our economy caused by the current H-1B crisis.

We need to exert constant pressure on Congress to alleviate this situation. Only repeated contact by those employers in need of talented workers from abroad will ensure that this issue stays front and center on Capitol Hill.

Our coalition partner, Compete America, has prepared a persuasive letter to Congress that explains the impact of the H-1B crisis. Your clients can send this letter to their U.S. Senators and Representatives asking Congress to take action now to raise or eliminate the H-1B cap. We have crafted, as well, a cover note for you to send to your clients introducing the letter and asking them to finalize it. We have all had numerous clients to whom we have had to deliver the disappointing news that one or more key hires could not be made. It’s time to contact those clients and empower them on this issue go to www.aila.org, Contact Congress.


The AILA Business Committee

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