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November 03, 2007

H-1B Blackout Back in the Spotlight! Say NO to the Fee Hike! Say YES to More Numbers!

From AILA;

As if the H-1B blackout isn't harsh enough, now some senators want to make it even more difficult for U.S. businesses to hire the skilled workers they need to succeed. Last week, during the Senate debate on the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, the Grassley-Sanders amendment, a bad-for-business measure, was added to the bill by voice vote. The amendment would impose a supplemental fee of $3500 to the existing fees associated with the H-1B visa program.

While the Senate adopted the Grassley-Sanders amendment, the House version of this Appropriations bill does not include any H-1B provisions. On Thursday, key members of the Senate and House will meet, in Conference, to reconcile their separately passed versions of the bill. We are working to encourage House Conferees to strike the Senate-added Grassley-Sanders amendment from the final Conference Report.

You and your clients can help too!!

All AILA members and their H-1B clients can help oppose the fee increase by sending letters and calling U.S. Representatives.

AILA Attorneys:

1. Send an email from Contact Congress at www.aila.org
Take action by entering your zipcode in the box below. You will be automatically directed to a Contact Congress letter that is specialized for your Representative. If your Representative is a conferee, you'll send a letter about your opposition to the fee increase. If your Representative is not a conferee, you'll send a letter that expresses support for the H-1B program and the need for more numbers.

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