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October 03, 2007

DREAM Deferred

DREAM Act which was scheduled to come for a vote as recently as yesterday to the Department of Defense (DOD) authorization bill did not make it to the floor. We excerpt the following from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum:

"The DREAM Act will be tabled until mid-November when Majority Leader Reid intends to set aside time for its debate.

Sen. Reid has consistently demonstrated an earnest resolve to push the Senate to deliberate serious reforms to America's dysfunctional immigration laws. We thank Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL), Chuck Hagel (R-NE), and Richard Lugar (R-IN) for their behind-the-scenes efforts to move the DREAM Act this week, and take the Majority Leader at his word that he will do all within his powers to address this important issue. However, we will also take at their word several Senators, mostly Republicans, who said they support the DREAM Act but had concerns about the vehicle to which it was being attached this week. Since the Congress is unlikely to pass major reform this year, narrowly targeted measures like DREAM and AgJOBS would serve as stopgap measures .. Narrowly targeted measures like the DREAM Act, which have garnered support in both houses and both parties, can point the way towards real improvements for American families, the American economy, and the bright future of immigrants in this country."

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