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September 07, 2007

Missing the Target: Anti-Immigrant Ordinances Backfire

The newest report from the Immigration Policy Center examines the veracity of popular arguments used to promote anti-immigrant ordinances. The author, IPC Research Associate Walter Ewing, explains that in the wake of congressional failure to pass immigration reform legislation this year, hundreds of state and local governments across the country are considering thousands of legislative proposals that target undocumented immigrants. The "English only" resolution that the Culpeper, Virginia, County Board of Supervisors passed on August 9th is but one such resolution. Supporters of the Culpeper resolution, like their counterparts elsewhere in the country, claim that one reason they acted is the supposed reluctance of Latino immigrants to "assimilate" into U.S. society. The best available evidence, however, shows that the children and grandchildren of today's immigrants from Latin America are learning English and moving up the socioeconomic ladder in much the same way as the descendants of the European immigrants who came here a century or more ago. Ewing rebuts the arguments of "English Only" supporters and finds in this IPC Perspective that, in fact, today's Latino immigrants are integrating into U.S. society as successfully as did their Irish, German, and Italian predecessors.

The complete report is available on the IPC's website; http://www.ailf.org/ipc/2007_august_perspective.shtml

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), a project of the Center for Community Change, has updated their Database of Recent Local Ordinances.

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