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August 25, 2007

Economic Mobility of Immigrants in the United States

The idea of economic mobility in America often evokes a personal story. For many Americans, it is one of immigrant parents or grandparents, or even one's own journey and arrival. In recent decades, immigration has been rising steadily, suggesting that the allure of the American Dream is alive and well. But is it actually working for today's immigrants? How has immigrant economic mobility changed over time? And is immigrant economic mobility similar to that of U.S. citizens?

A recent report by the Economic Mobility Project suggests that the American engine of economic assimilation continues to be a powerful force, but one which is incorporating a fundamentally different and larger pool of immigrants than it did in earlier generations. The report highlights that while first generation immigrants are earning relatively less than they have at any other time since World War II, immigrants continue to realize significant gains in upward mobility between the first and the second generation. By focusing on the shifting educational and economic profile of today's immigrants, the report raises important and thought provoking questions about the economic prospects for immigrants in America today.

Visit the Economic Mobility Project homepage to read the full report; http://www.economicmobility.org/reports_and_research/?id=0003

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