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August 21, 2007

Clement & Dean

Sunday’s Tennessean had Bob Clement and Karl Dean answer questions on five key issues as to why they want to be Mayor;

Clement stated that he would work to open an immigration enforcement field (ICE) office in Nashville. Well, there has been an ICE office here in Nashville already for about ten years. His congressional office helped to bring it to Nashville.

Here is the quote;


“Since most immigration enforcement is done at the federal level, how can you make any impact as mayor?

All across America, local governments have taken on illegal immigration because of the abject failure of the federal government to deal with the issue.

I support those who have come to our city legally and who are working hard to become citizens of our country. But I am troubled and outraged with the influx of illegal immigrants who are not following the rules.

Here is my plan for dealing with immigration issues when I become mayor:

First, I will work with Sheriff Daron Hall's program (287g), which looks into the immigration status of all people arrested for crimes here in Nashville. If they are here illegally, they should be sent home. There is no excuse for allowing people here illegally to continue breaking our laws.

Second, I will address the illegal immigration issue by using my contacts on the federal level to open an immigration enforcement field office (formerly known as an INS office) in Nashville.

Third, I will crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers. Those employers should face increased fines and penalties.

And finally, I want to organize a summit on immigration issues. Nashville is a diverse city, and our character is strengthened by our many ethnic groups. We all benefit from a better understanding of each other.

We cannot ignore the problem of illegal immigration and the effect it is having on our community. As mayor I will not allow Nashville to become a safe haven for illegal immigrants…”.

You can read the entire five reasons at;


Karl Dean;

“Since most immigration enforcement is done at the federal level, how can you make any impact as mayor?

Immigration is a challenging topic today. The United States was founded on the premise that people would find freedom and shelter here, and many of our families were immigrants at one point in the past. However, our country is challenged by the increasing problem of illegal immigration, and we see many of its facets here in Nashville.

I support the 287 (g) program implemented by Sheriff Daron Hall, which increases the resources of the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement through cooperation with state and local law enforcement. It goes to the basis of public safety to learn someone's background and criminal history when they are arrested. I am against illegal immigration, and this is a pragmatic way that Metro can address the issue of undocumented immigrants who commit crimes in our community.

We must balance our concerns with illegal immigration with the ever-changing population of our city and welcome new citizens who come here legally. Nashville needs to remain a friendly place to live…”.

You can also read Karl Dean five reasons at;


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