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June 28, 2007

Senate resumed consideration of amendments to the CIR bill, S. 1639; Cloture Vote Expected Today

• Five amendments were tabled (killed), including amendments to accelerate “touchback” for Z visa applicants, expand legalization eligibility requirements, and prevent Z visa holders from getting green cards.

• A motion to table a Baucus amendment to remove REAL ID requirements from the underlying bill failed.

• Senator Reid announced that a cloture vote to end debate will occur Thursday morning, likely around 10:30 am.

Summary of Senate Proceedings—6/27/07:

Following morning business, the Senate resumed debate on the CIR bill, S. 1639. Members of both parties spoke on behalf of the bill in general, and urged that the debate move forward, amendments be voted on, and the final bill be passed. Some members of the minority party, however, expressed concern with the procedural process thus far.

Majority Leader Reid allowed some discussion before bringing the senators back on course. Senators then considered, and tabled, the following amendments:

• Hutchison Amendment Accelerating “Touchback” for Z Visa Applicants
A motion to “table,” or kill, the amendment was agreed to by a vote of 53-45.

• Webb Amendment Expanding Legalization Eligibility Requirements
A motion to table the amendment was agreed to by a vote of 79-18.

• Bond Amendment Preventing Z Visa Holders from Earning Green Cards
A motion to table the amendment was agreed to by a vote of 56-41.

• Dodd Amendment Increasing Immigrant Visas for Parents of USCs
The motion to table the Dodd amendment was agreed to by a vote of 56-41. Following this vote, a side-by-side to this amendment from Senator Kyl (R-AZ), which would have negated some of the improvements proposed in the Dodd amendment, was withdrawn.

• Menendez Amendment Increasing Points Awarded for Family Ties
A motion to table the amendment was agreed to by a vote of 55-40.

• Baucus Amendment on REAL ID
A motion to table the amendment was not agreed to, 45-52, and the amendment remains up for consideration.

The Senate will take no further votes until Thursday around 10:30 am EDT on a motion to invoke cloture and limit debate on S. 1639. If that vote passes, the remaining germane amendments will be considered.

A detailed summary of today's proceedings is available on InfoNet at:

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