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June 23, 2007

Out of Sync: New Temporary Worker Proposals Unlikely to Meet U.S. Labor Needs

A key component of the Senate immigration reform bill currently under consideration is a new temporary worker program that, ostensibly, would replace the current stream of undocumented migration with a regulated flow of less-skilled immigrant workers. However, as the latest report from the Immigration Policy Center cogently illustrates, the temporary worker provisions of the legislation, as currently proposed, would not respond to the growing demand for less-skilled workers to fill permanent jobs in essential high-growth industries.

In fact, the temporary program taking shape in the Senate would have the effect of cycling less-skilled immigrant workers in and out of the lowest rungs of the U.S. labor force without creating any longer-term investment in the workers or the industries in which they are employed. According to the authors of "Out of Sync: New Temporary Worker Proposals Unlikely to Meet U.S. Labor Needs," an alternative program that allows workers to apply for permanent status would better address industry's need for a larger and more settled less-skilled workforce and would more likely discourage undocumented immigration in the future.

Read the full IPC report at http://www.ailf.org/ipc/policybrief/policybrief_060707.shtml

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