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June 07, 2007

AILA; Hispanic/Latino Interest Group Position on Senate Bill form Essential Workers Immigration Coalition

June 7, 2007

Dear Senators:

The Essential Worker Immigration Coalition urges all sides to continue to work on agreement to move the debate forward on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Senators should continue to reject amendments that are clearly "deal breakers" which would prevent passage of the pending legislation.

We seek improvements in the immigration bill as well, and will continue to work to make it better. But one thing is certain: without Congressional action, employers will face a multiplicity of hurdles to maintain a sufficient workforce and there will be a serious adverse affect on the economy. We urge Senators and stakeholders to reach alternative compromise agreements on various proposed amendments that will allow the process to move forward.

We must have comprehensive immigration reform that ensures the stability of the current workforce, and provides the economy the future workers it needs to grow when US workers are not available.

The business community understands the complexity and politics involved in the issues. We urge all stakeholders to work with the Senate as the legislation proceeds through this amendment process. This may be our only chance for years to achieve reform. We cannot risk losing this opportunity.
Essential Worker Immigration Coalition

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