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May 19, 2007

Tennessean article May 18, 2007; "Reform plan stirs Tennessee passions"

John Lamb, www.hispanicnashville.com; FYI - I have posted Ramon's clarification on HispanicNashville.com so that the word gets out

Mario Ramos; Hello Ramon,

I read the quote in the Tennessean article and appreciate your trying to correct it. How about scheduling a press conference or sending a letter to the editor? The current system of immigration prohibition encourages illegality. Those who seek to uphold the law actually are fostering criminal enterprises which benefit from the destruction of families. The reform is needed as we all know to establish fair and just laws which unify families and allow for workers to enter the U.S.

Ramon Cisneros; For those who read The Tennessean today

My quote was..

"This is a country of laws, Undocumented immigrants break the law just as much as those who employ them and the government that fails to enforce them. An Immigration Reform is needed to return everyone to a system of laws"

The Tennessean wrote...

"We have to restore the law... These illegal immigrants are breaking the law."


I thought I needed to clarify this...

Ramon Cisneros...

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