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May 24, 2007

Amendment Alert - Call Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker

Advocate –

The Senate is scheduled to continue voting on CIR amendments today. As we send this email out, we expect the Senate to vote on the Coleman Amendment (#1158) on local law enforcement around 12:15 pm EDT. This amendment is UGLY! Please call your senators NOW and urge them to vote NO!

Beyond the Coleman amendment, we expect the Senate to vote on an unpredictable mix of amendments today--some GOOD, some BAD, and others UGLY! Immigration advocates MUST CALL ABOUT THESE AMENDMENTS when they come up for consideration! AILA staff will prepare you to call your Senators by posting up-to-the-minute amendment information and talking points to the front page of InfoNet. We may need you to call MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!


This is a tentative list and is subject to change. AILA National will not take a formal position on any amendment until provided an opportunity to read the complete text which, in many cases, is not available until moments before consideration.

Anticipated today:

Coleman - OPPOSE - allows any government entity with probable cause to inquire about an individual's immigration status

Akaka - SUPPORT - exempts children of certain Fillipino WWII veterans from numerical limitations on immigrant visas

Grassley - OPPOSE - eliminates judicial review of visa revocations

Cornyn - OPPOSE - erodes due process, expands definition of aggravated felony, excludes large numbers of the current undocumented population from legalization program

Dorgan - OPPOSE - sunsets the Y visa new worker program

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