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April 10, 2007

Touchback requirement = wait of 1,428.6 years

Yesterday President Bush spoke in support of immigration reform in Yuma, Arizona. I support the Presidents effort to continue moving forward on immigration reform. As for the requirement for immigrant to return to their home country I use as an example current case processing time in Cuidad Juarez Mexico. There are over 7,000 pending marriage cases between U.S. citizens and Mexicans. Their wait to return to the U.S. is over one year.

If the over estimated 10,000,000 Mexicans have return to Mexico lets do the math; 10,000,000 divide by 7,000 cases per year = 1,428.6 years to process 10,000,000 cases. Clearly this is an unacceptable waiting period for workers to return to the U.S. Given that the average lifespan is around 77 years for Mexicans the overwhelming majority will be dead by the time their case is ready for review to return to the U.S. This waiting period is the same in U.S. embassy around the world. Without addressing how the embassies will deal with this massive increase in caseload the touchback provision is unworkable.

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