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February 07, 2007

Nashville, Tennessee approves divise English first law

"Council passes controversial law

By Michael Cass, Staff Writer

English is the official language of Nashville — and Metro government must use it whenever possible — after Metro Council passed a controversial bill into law Tuesday, ending months of debate.

But the "English-first" measure, described by some supporters and opponents as having little practical effect, could wind up costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.Along with making English the city's official language, the law says Metro government must communicate in that language "except when required by federal law or when necessary to protect or promote public health, safety or welfare."

The council approved it 23-14 on the third and final vote, with three members absent...

Ralph Schulz, president of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, which lobbied against the bill, said, "From our perspective, the job just got a little tougher to prove to the world that Nashville is the inclusive city it is.""

to contact members of Nashville City Council go to;


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