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January 07, 2007

US Allies Eager to Shore up Skilled Worker Shortage and Management's Spanish Language Gap


Nashville,TN Meet Singapore, Australia, Chile

SAC Visa, LLC American Industry growth has a new labor solution. Facing gaps in skilled labor, bi-lingual Spanish managers, and the Baby Boomer retirement effect, American businesses have turned to any solution that can propel continued growth. The latest innovation is legal, overseas immigration from Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia.

In recent history, businesses have been forced to move much of their technical research and IT development to overseas locations because of the restrictive numbers placed on skilled labor from India and other Southwest Asian countries that have become more highly scrutinized in post-9.11 America.

The hardship and costs of these overseas operations may have been resolved by two entrepreneurs and one of the nation's most renowned immigration lawyers.

Enter SAC Visa LLC, a business that has uncovered thousands of available US work visas for skilled labor and bi-lingual Spanish managers. The brainchild of immigration attorney Mario Ramos of Mr Visa.com. Mr. Ramos has joined forces with former Orion International founder, Jim Tully and Palo Alto entrepreneur Andreas Ramos to build a business immigration machine.

SAC Visa LLC allows both clients and candidates to utilize a web-friendly job bank to find one another as well as full service recruiting services for those companies who want a turnkey executive recruiting solution. Candidates from various overseas countries who have at least a one year work visa availability can apply on line at no charge for positions posted by American businesses needing immediate professional or technical help. Candidates can apply at no charge at www.SACVisa.com or they can contact MRVvisa.com to start the hiring process. American industry hiring managers have a choice of utilizing a subscription job bank of candidates, a full service recruiting staff, a combination of both, or an employee leasing program that allows clients to staff projects with SAC Visa employees for whatever period of time the extra labor or management is needed. Job Placement fees are employer paid.

Mario has been a leading immigration attorney for over two decades and his new partner, Jim Tully, is the co-founder of one of the largest non-franchise staffing firms in America. Combining their knowledge of these two platforms with Andreas Ramos and Stephanie Cota, top Silicon Valley IT development leaders and co-founders of a Silicon Valley startup, has investors ,industry, and colleagues clamoring for a chance to get more involved.

"When Mario first approached me about helping him build this business model," says Tully, "it only took a few minutes before I realized how valuable this hiring resource would be to American industry." Mario had already asked his brother Andreas about building an effective internet deployment program, and Andreas and Tully both knew the idea that Mario was wanting to build needed both web based and traditional avenues to be fully effective. The company officially opens it doors November 1,2006, but the job orders for a number of bi-lingual Spanish managers and IT professionals has already started SAC steadily interviewing and placing new talent.

at www.sacvisa.com

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