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January 31, 2007

SACVISA; Announcing the deployment of a new Global System Enhancement: “State vs. Nationwide Job Postings”

Go to www.sacvisa.com;

This feature will be implemented on your job board effective February 15th unless you notify us that you wish to OPT-OUT. To do so, please reply to this email. If you have questions, please contact your customer support representative at 888.491.8833.

This enhancement will affect the following areas of your job board: Job Posting, Browse by Location, Job Search Results Display.

The original system design provides employers the ability to post a single job with multiple locations in multiple states using the “Nationwide” location option. From a recent review of job postings, it was found that the “nationwide” job posting capability is often being misused and causing what appears to be an error in the “Browse by State” and “Advanced Job Search” by state features. Currently, a search by state or browse by state results in the display of all nationwide jobs and the jobs located in the desired state search and the location display shows the city(s) applicable, causing a job search for Texas jobs to have jobs from NYC or Chicago or Boston being displayed.

There is a better way to accommodate, those few demanding employers that insist on posting a job with multi-state locations through a single job posting fee. Today, custom job posting packages can offer you a better, more accurate way to satisfy those few employers that require “nationwide” job posting capability. For example, if you have an important employer that has a job posting located in multiple cities in multiple states, customer service, with your approval, can establish a job posting package specifically for that employer to satisfy their needs.

To improve the system, and tighten up “nationwide” job posting in general, the following system enhancement has been developed:
The New System Overview:

New business rules:

1) All job postings will be limited by the state option in the dropdown.

A. State – multiple cities

B. Nationwide – no city display – limited inclusion in searching by location, only displays when “Nationwide” dropdown is selected. Nationwide jobs will display in the general jobs search results without location dropdown criteria.

C. Outside the US and Canada – no state selection capability – single country option – multiple city location option – inclusion in the “Browse by Location” application – inclusion in general job search results without location dropdown criteria.

System modifications:

Job Posting Form:

1) The addition of “Outside the US and Canada” to the state dropdown and the removal of “none”.

2) State will be a required field.

3) If “Nationwide” is selected, then “City” is grayed out, making it in unusable.

4) The “Display as” field will be removed from the system. Current jobs, using display as will continue to function. After their current job posting period ends, the “display as” field will no longer be available and any copying of the job to repost will require the “state” field to be populated.

5) Multiple city locations are available only with a single state selection or “Outside the US and Canada”, using the city field.

Browse by State:

1) Title will change to “Browse by Location”. Adding “Outside the US and Canada” and having “Nationwide” in this section, “Location” better describes the application than does “State”.

2) “Nationwide” job postings will display only when “Nationwide” is selected during the advanced search application or through the Browse feature or when location is not a search criteria. Nationwide jobs will no longer appear in individual state level browse results.

3) Job postings outside the US and Canada will now be available in the browse section.

Job Search Display Results:

1) The order of “Location” display will be reversed:

Country – state – city

For example:
US - CA – San Diego
US - VA – Richmond
CA - ON – Toronto
FRA- Paris (no state)
US - MD – ( If there is no city)
US - MD – Hunt Valley, Cockeysville, Towson
( if there are multiple cities)

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