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December 14, 2006

The Nativists Are Restless; The backlash against immigrants is at full boil in Tennessee

by P.J. Tobia, Nashville Scene;

"Kit Brewer doesn’t like immigrants.

“While America was harnessing electricity, while America was winning World War I, winning World War II, inventing the computer, inventing nuclear weapons [and] breaking the DNA code, what were the Mexicans doing?” he asks. “They were making tacos.”

He pauses to clarify.

“By Mexicans, that’s kind o’ a generic term for me that also includes Salvadorans, Hondurans, etc…. I don’t want any immigrants from the Third World.” He also mentions Iraq and Sudan.

Brewer used to live in Antioch—which he calls “Hispanioch,” because of its large Hispanic immigrant population—but moved after getting tired of his child “having to step over drunk Mexicans in a ditch to get to the school bus."

“Thank God I got out,” he says. “While I could still get something for my house.”
Brewer insists that he doesn’t have a problem with all immigrants, just the “Third Worlders.”

“If somebody wants to come here form Western Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, that’s fine. I would have hated to turn away Albert Einstein,” he says. “I don’t think that the next Albert Einstein is going to come from the Sudan, Mexico or Honduras.”

Brewer also thinks that Americans are inherently better and smarter people than those from other nations.
“Like it or not, their I.Q.s, except for Orientals, average seven to 20 points below the average American white.”

When asked how and where he found such a statistic, Brewer cites “the Internet.”

Unlike some other people who have strident opinions about immigrants and the impact that they’re having in the U.S., Brewer doesn’t differentiate between most legal and undocumented immigrants. “A legal immigrant from the Third World is just an illegal immigrant with a green card,” he says.

Kit Brewer is not alone in his isolationist leanings. Throughout Tennessee in recent months, there have been many public and private displays of sentiments that closely echo Brewer’s. Some of these have been benign—angry talk radio callers and ugly graffiti. Others have been decidedly less so...".


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