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December 06, 2006

Metro Council defers English First bill

Last night I went to the Nashville Metro Council meeting where Councilman Eric Crafton deferred his English First bill until February, 2007. It is understood that he deferred his bill to avoid a losing vote. It seems that his support has been eroding away, despite his statements to the contrary. Councilman gave as a reason for deferring the bill to allow time for more discussion to unify the city. His reason flies is the face of the divisive nature of the bill.

Opponents to his bill range from Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Area Chamber of Commerce, business leaders, the Metro Nashville Human Relations Commission, church leaders, immigrant groups, the Tennessee Immigrant Rights Coalition and people representing almost all walks of Nashville.

It is as if the city has risen up against the Mr. Crafton. As one person said to fight this bill to do what is right and it's great to be on the good side of a struggle. The people of Nashville do not want to be seen by the rest of the USA and the world as an intolerant city.

We will continue working to defeat Mr. Crafton and to erode his support. It was good to see members of the City Council in opposition to the attempt by Mr. Crafton to pass off a divisive bill as a way of unifying the city. To reach your member of City Council go to http://nashville.gov/council/council_roster.htm

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