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December 24, 2006

Letter thanking Mario for advocacy on immigration reform

"Dear Mario,

On behalf of the AILA Advocacy Department, I am writing to thank you for your dedicated work and to update you on AILA’s efforts to secure effective relief from the H-1B visa cap and employment-based (EB) green card backlogs.

As you know, the 109th Congress adjourned last Saturday without enacting H-1B and EB relief measures. The two-week lame duck session presented particular legislative and political constraints that made passage of any legislation extremely difficult. In his attempts to attach the H-1B and EB measures to a larger bill, Senator Cornyn faced procedural obstacles that were made even more difficult to overcome when some in the Senate voiced concern over the substance of the relief provisions. With a fresh start in the 110th Congress, we are hopeful that our renewed push for relief in early 2007 will meet with success.

Thanks to the efforts of committed AILA members this autumn, we succeeded in showing members of Congress that there is wide-ranging support for H-1B and EB relief. We intend to renew these advocacy efforts as Congress finalizes new committee and subcommittee assignments in early January, and we hope to present the 110th Congress with a letter signed by 1,000 companies calling for relief (starting, of course, with the 900+ companies that have already signed on). We will be in touch in early January to update you on our plans for making H-1B and EB relief a reality.

Thank you again for your unflagging advocacy efforts.


Bob Sakaniwa
Associate Director of Advocacy
Business Immigration

Laura Trice
Advocacy Coordinator".

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