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December 25, 2006

Early 2007 to Provide Window of Opportunity for CIR

When the 110th Congress convenes on January 4, 2007, comprehensive immigration reform will take a prominent place on the legislative agenda of both chambers. Given the Senate's prior experience with CIR, members of the Senate may move fairly quickly and could have a draft bill ready for consideration in committee within the first couple months of 2007. The House timeline is less certain. Having considered enforcement-only legislation during 2006, members of the House lack experience with the complexities of the issue and the necessary components of comprehensive reform. As a result, the House may need to hold hearings that could require more time or set them on a different course than their counterparts in the Senate.
The first months of 2007 represent an extraordinary window of opportunity for comprehensive immigration reform. Immigration advocates will need to act quickly to educate new and returning members, and to sustain the pro-CIR momentum generated during the midterm elections and in the wake of recent ICE raids at Swift & Co. facilities. AILA and our coalition partners are taking action to push for change. But we will need your help to advocate on a local level and demand that Congress fix our immigration system in a humane and comprehensive manner. To participate in our strategic campaign to realize CIR, keep reading the Pulse and check in at our Congressional Action and Information Center in early January, when new member contact information and committee assignments should be finalized.

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