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November 03, 2006

Judge blocks town's ban on immigrants

Here is an article posted November 1, 2006 in Reuters new service about the town in Pennsylvania which seeks to legislate against undocumented workers. This reminds me of the infamous witch hunts in Pennsylvania when females were branded as witches in mass hysteria. Althought the person change it is amazing how history repeats itself;

"PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania -- A federal judge Tuesday temporarily barred Hazleton, Pennsylvania, from implementing a law designed to prevent illegal immigrants from living in the town.

Judge James Munley of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania issued a temporary restraining order against Hazleton City Council, preventing it from enforcing its Illegal Immigration Relief Act Ordinance.

The measure has become a model for other U.S. towns that blame illegal immigrants for a range of social problems.

The law, which had been scheduled to take effect Wednesday, would fine landlords found to be renting space to illegal aliens, close down businesses that hire them, and allow legal employees to sue the businesses for employment lost during such a shutdown. A related law also establishes English as the town's official language.

The restraining order is valid until November 14.

In a 13-page opinion, Munley said immigrants risked "irreparable injury" by being evicted from their apartments if the law is enforced. He also said he was not convinced by the city council's argument that illegal immigration increases crime and overburdens social services.

"Defendant offers only vague generalizations about the crime allegedly caused by illegal immigrants but has nothing concrete to back up these claims," Munley wrote...".

At; http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/10/31/immigration.town.reut/index.html

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