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November 20, 2006

America: Wake Up on Immigration

Here is an article which lays out clearly the need for high tech workers in the U.S.;

OPINION By Sonia Arrison, TechNewsWorld
11/17/06 4:00 AM PT


”…The message entrepreneurs are collectively sending was summed up nicely by Sun Microsystems' cofounder Scott McNealy earlier this year. There are many talented people, he said, "who want to come here and live the American dream, and be part of the American economy. If they can't get in, they're still smart, and they are still going to set up shop somewhere else."

It would be stupid to let some other country take the planet's best and brightest so that they can compete with the United States. Indeed, one of the core strengths of America has been the willingness to accept others with open arms. That's not to say there are not talented people who were born here -- only that it is foolish to barricade ourselves from those who can help the country prosper.

The next time immigration comes up -- and it will, because Congress has not settled the issue -- policy makers and those who support them should look closer at the facts. There are many immigrants who create American jobs and wealth. U.S. policy should reflect that truth if Americans want to stay on top of the world's economic scene in the future”.

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