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October 12, 2006

300 Million

There is an Editorial in NY Times, published: October 11, 2006 which captures well the state of the United States at its 300 million person;

"America’s 300 millionth person will be here any day now. The Census Bureau has combined birth, death and immigration rates and expects him or her to arrive in mid-October. No one knows where or how — squalling in a birthing room in Los Angeles, maybe, or darting out of the desert east of Phoenix.

That’s too bad, because whoever it is should get a bouquet and a thank-you card. It should be signed by President Bush on behalf of a grateful nation that is buzzing with a youthful energy for which the aging powers of Europe would gladly trade their pension obligations. If the newcomer is an immigrant, he or she should also get an apology from Mr. Bush for the scarcity of worker visas, and a promise to get right on that problem.

Whenever the population odometer hits a huge round number, it creates unease, but we usually get over it. Predictions of planetary famine made the 1968 book “The Population Bomb” a raging bestseller, but today you find it only at garage sales...".


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