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September 01, 2006

"We Are America Alliance" to Mobilize Millions Labor Day Weekend! Join the Movement!

Labor Day Weekend – Million-person mobilizations – Regional mobilizations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoneix, and Washington, DC are expected to attract a million supporters for comprehensive immigration reform. See below for a list of events in your area!

City/State: Chicago, IL
Date/Time: September 1st-5th, events will be held each day
Where to Go: Starts in Chinatown and ends in Batavia, IL at Speaker Hastert's office
What's Happening: September 1st-4th, Marches; September 5th, Community Hearing
Who to Contact: Lawrence Benito
(312) 332-7360 ext. 37

City/State: Phoenix, AZ
Date/Time: September 4th, 9am-1pm
Where to Go: State Capitol
What's Happening: Rally, Voter Registration, Candidate Information
Who to Contact: Martin Manteca
Somos America Coalition/SEIU
(602) 279-8016 Ext. 21

City/State: Washington, DC
Date/Time: September 7th, 4pm
Where to Go: The National Mall at 3rd Street
What's Happening: March to the White House and then a rally on the National Mall
Who to Contact: Juan Carlos Ruiz
National Capitol Immigration Coalition
(414) 758-0600 or (202) 232-3810

City/State: Los Angeles, CA
Date/Time: September 9th
Where to Go: TBD
What's Happening: Rally
Who to Contact: Elda Martinez
(213) 385-7800
Xiomara Corpeno
(213) 353-1333

There's more to come from the We Are America Alliance! September through election day: Get Out the Vote Efforts. Organizations and networks making up the Alliance will launch a massive GOTV (Get Out the Vote) effort to mobilize eligible voters to participate in the November elections.

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