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September 12, 2006

Immigration trial puts home builders, market in the spotlight

Here is an article about increased enforcement by Elizabeth Dunbar, Associated Press, Lexington Herald Leader;

“Florence, Ky. - Condominiums and townhouses cover rolling hills, and tree seedlings barely make shadows on new pavement.
The streets lead to a dead end where portable toilets and equipment are set up at a new construction site.

And in this subdivision built in northern Kentucky across the river from Cincinnati, a "for sale" sign here and there has been jabbed into the green grass.

Potential buyers might not know, but officials with the building company, Fischer Homes Inc., and some of its subcontractors have been under federal scrutiny for allegedly harboring illegal immigrants.
In May, immigration agents disrupted Fischer Homes construction projects and rounded up 76 suspected undocumented workers. Four Fischer supervisors were arrested and charged, as were several people managing companies Fischer had hired as subcontractors. Two additional Fischer supervisors were indicted late last month.
The arrests caught many by surprise and sparked questions among those working in northern Kentucky's booming housing market that has relied heavily on immigrant labor.

Some hope the trial of Fischer supervisors Timothy Copsy, Douglas Witt, William Allison, Ronald Vanlandingham and David Schroeder will shed light on what responsibility companies have when it comes to making sure their workers are properly documented. At least three defendants - Copsy, Witt and Allison - are expected to stand trial on Nov. 27. Charges against a sixth supervisor, William Ring, were dismissed on Wednesday”.


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