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August 31, 2006

Texas business: Pass immigration reform

Here is an article in the Dallas Morning News calling for immigration reform from business leaders;

"You hear the same story across the U.S. A relatively small number of foreign workers keeps millions of native-born Americans employed. This, in turn, keeps the economy growing, and we all share in the prosperity that results.

Not only that, but immigrant workers renew and reinvigorate America. They remind us what it's like to give a job your all. We talk about old-fashioned family values; they live them. And those of us who cherish our faith and love our country can only rejoice at their devotion to both.

As chairmen, CEOs and stockholders, we call on Congress to act – to go back to Washington and pass realistic immigration reform that provides the workers we need to keep our businesses growing.

We understand that this will include workplace enforcement. In fact, we welcome reform that gives us the tools to stay on the right side of the law. The important thing is that this vital part of the economy be brought under the rule and protection of the law.

Neither the immigrants here today nor those we will need in the future should have to live in the shadows. These are good people with good values doing work that we need done, reaching for the American Dream and helping make it a reality for all. As we value the work, let us value the worker – and let's fix the law so that it serves all Americans.


Bo Pilgrim, Pilgrim's Pride, Pittsburg

Harold Simmons, Contran Corporation, Dallas

Bob Perry, Perry Homes, Houston

Vance Miller, Henry S. Miller, Dallas

J. Huffines, Huffines Auto Group, Dallas

Red McCombs, McCombs Enterprises, San Antonio

W.L. Hunt, Hunt Building Corporation, El Paso

James Leininger, M.D., San Antonio

Phil Adams, Phil Adams Company, Bryan

Bob Barnes, Schlotzsky's, Austin

Kent Hance, Hance Scarborough Wright, Dallas

Tom Loeffler, Loeffler Tuggey Pauerstein Rosenthal LLP, San Antonio

Louis Beecherl, Beecherl Investments, Dallas

Henry J. "Bud" Smith, Bud Smith Organization, Dallas

Dennis Nixon, IBC Bank, Laredo

Ernesto Ancira Jr., Ancira Enterprises, San Antonio

Tom Hewitt, Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Tom Corcoran, FelCor Lodging Trust Inc.

Lionel Sosa, MATT.org, San Antonio

Henry Cisneros, CityView, San Antonio

Henry R. Muñoz III, Kell Muñoz Architects, San Antonio

Harold MacDowell, TDIndustries, Dallas

Pedro Aguirre, Aguirre Corporation, Dallas

Robert "Buddy" Barnes, Dee Brown Inc., Garland

Stephen M. Pitt, Boulder Imports, Houston

Brad Bouma, Select Milk Producers Inc., Plainview

Wayne Palla, Dairy Farmers of America, Grapevine

Jim Baird, Lone Star Milk Producers Inc., Windthorst

Randy Davis, Greenleaf Nursery, El Campo

Josh Bracken, Nicholson-Hardie Garden Centers, Dallas

David R. Pinkus, Tawakoni Plant Farm, Wills Point

Don Darby, Darby Greenhouses & Farms, Jacksonville

Georges Le Mener, Accor North America, Carrollton

Stevan Porter, InterContinental Hotels Group

John Caparella, Gaylord Hotels

Tony Farris, Quorum Hotels"

at; http://www.dallasnews.com

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