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August 16, 2006

Immigration Hearing Spawns Protests

Here is an article about the U.S. House immigration hearings in Georgia;

"Scott Myrick, WNEG NewsChannel 32, Monday, August 14, 2006

"These Congressional hearings are a sham. They're a dog and pony show -- shame on Congressman Deal, shame on Congressman Norwood for having these instead of working on true reform," Jerry Gonzalez tells NewsChannel 32.

He leads GALEO, the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.
He believes what the House of Representatives calls solutions will really only make the problem of illegal immigration worse.
The House, he says, is only concerned with "enforcement" -- keeping undocumented workers out of the country.

But He and his supporters want "comprehensive" reforms, which would make it easier for people to work legally in the United States.
"Where would Gainesville and Dalton be without the immigrants that have come here to provide the much-needed labor to these communities," Gonzalez says".


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