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August 27, 2006

Husband Dies Before Wife Completes Immigration Process

This is a tragic story from NBC 6, South Florida;

"Without Immediate Relative In U.S., Woman Could Be Deported

MIAMI -- A Dominican woman married to a Cuban green-card holder may face deportation because her husband had a heart attack during an immigration hearing last week and died before her case was closed, according to U.S. Immigration officials.

They said it is potentially a precedent-setting immigration case.

Maritza Hernandez, 53, had gone through questioning, and her husband, Juan, was in the midst of it. But he died before her application was ever approved.

U.S. Immigration officials haven't decided yet how to handle the case, but Hernandez's immigration attorney is pressing for her to be granted a green card despite her husband's death.

Federal law allows immediate relatives of Cubans to be granted green cards, just as Cubans are".


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