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July 12, 2006

Take Action Remind Congress that We Are America in Picture Postcards!

Building on the historic marches from March to May of this year, immigrant communities are seeking to unify their voices, grow the electorate with a million new voters and citizens, and hold members of Congress accountable on November 7 and beyond. Current reports indicate that pro-immigrant communities have out-mobilized anti-immigrants on the streets, but there is now a need to out-lobby anti-immigrants in the halls of Congress. Given that the House and the Senate are poised to move into conference committee to deliberate on a bill that will impact the lives of all Americans, the moment to act is now.

The "We Are America" Picture Postcard Campaign is a compelling way that we - immigrants and descendants of immigrants - can remind Congress that Americans must unite behind a common vision that immigration reform is good for America. In fact, immigration reform is key to our nation's prosperity, security and diversity. The initial goal is to send 20,000 picture postcards during the months of July and August.

You and Your Clients can Participate in the Picture Postcard Campaign

All you have to do is send a family photograph to your Members of Congress with a message on the back that says something like, "Immigrants are America's Families, Workers and Neighbors," "Just and Humane Immigration Reform Now," "Keep Families Together, Pathway to Citizenship for All, Basic Rights for All," or "Keep Families Together, Pathway to Citizenship for All, Deportations Are Not the Answer."

You can even include this SAMPLE TEXT- "I am deeply concerned that the current immigration debate criminalizes immigrants and divides America. We urge you to unite Americans behind a common vision of America because immigration reform is a key to our nation's economic prosperity and security. We should welcome immigrants' hard work, talents, cultural richness and family values."

You can also add a personal message explaining why you support immigration reform such as "I am a child of immigrants," "I am an immigrant worker," or "Immigration makes our culture dynamic."

This is an easy and creative way to remind Congress that We Are America. Send a Picture Postcard to your US Representative today!

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