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July 07, 2006

Radio Ad: Everyday by Congressman Harold Ford, Jr…

To all,

We need to question why Harold Ford, Jr is using immigration to scapegoat his way into a possible Senate seat. Howard Dean, the head of the Democratic Party told LULCA, the nation's oldest Hispanic rights group that Democrats will not use immigration to divide the country and win in the upcoming midterm elections.

"Immigrant bashing and scapegoating is wrong in order to win elections and we're not going to do it," Howard Dean said at the League of United Latin American Citizens convention in Milwaukee".

See my entry on July 3, 2006.

Apparently Congressman Ford has not heard the words of Chairman Dean.

Here is the text of Congressman Ford's radio Ad titled "Everyday".

"Everyday almost 2,000 people enter America illegally…Everyday hundreds of employers look the other way, handing out jobs that keep illegals coming…

And everyday the rest of us pay the price…

I’m Congressman Harold Ford, Jr…

For too many years Democrat and Republican presidents alike have looked the other way. Now 11 million people live here illegally… and while most come for jobs, the odds are any terrorist with a map can also get in undetected.

It must stop

In Congress, I put party aside and voted for the toughest immigration plan – to get control of our borders.

But remember this -- if employers didn’t hire illegals, there’d be no reason for them to come. They too should be held accountable.

I’m Harold Ford, Jr., and if you send me to the Senate I’ll open my heart and prayers to those who come following the rules. But the days of open borders must end… and that’s why I approved this message

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., D- Tenn.
Ford is running for the Senate seat being given up by retiring Majority Leader Bill Frist. In a conservative state, Ford airs a conservative radio ad on immigration -- a message out of tune with most House Democrats".

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