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June 02, 2006

Senate candidate Ed Bryant Visits US/Mexican Border:

Dear all,

I received this from the Ed Bryant campaign for U.S. Senate;

"Helps Minutemen Build Fence, Discusses Illegal Immigration Crisis with Leaders of Local Law Enforcement and Federal Border Security

BRENTWOOD, TN - Republican U.S. Senate candidate today visited with the Minutemen in Arizona and helped them construct a fence to keep out illegal immigrants and drug smugglers from entering the United States. Bryant, a former federal prosecutor and four-term Congressman, held a statewide conference call with Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Vice President Carmen Mercer and Cochise, AZ County Sheriff Larry Dever. On Monday in the Tri-Cities, Bryant will unveil the first part of his plan "Securing Tennessee's Future" by laying out a detailed, innovative and real solution for the illegal immigration crisis...".

If you want to learn about Carmen Mercer there is an article titled "Guardian of the Green Card, Warrior Against Illegal Immigration Sees Signs of Trouble All Around Her by Carol Morello, Ernesto Londoño and Allison Klein
Washington Post Staff Writers, Wednesday, February 8, 2006; Page B01,

... Carmen Mercer; moved to Tombstone in 1992 after a divorce from a soldier ended the migration from base to base -- Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, Germany and Arizona -- so common to military life. They'd met when he was stationed in Germany, where Mercer was born and raised in a small town near Cologne.

She might never have become a U.S. citizen had she not been kicked off a local planning and zoning committee in Arizona when it was discovered she was not. In 1999, almost a quarter-century after coming to the United States, she was naturalized. She remembers being one of about 500 people naturalized that day." Two of us were from Germany, one was Russian, one was Japanese and two were from Korea," said Mercer, who speaks with only the slightest hint of a German accent and thinks and dreams in English. "The rest, about 480 of them, were from Mexico..."

At; http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/02/07/AR2006020701964.html

To learn about the Minuteman there is an article on the Southern Law Poverty website;

“Minuteman leader has troubled past “ by Susy Buchanan and David Holthouse who are senior writers for the Intelligence Project's quarterly magazine, the Intelligence Report.

”Simcox is at the height of his great adventure. He is president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a nationwide, anti-immigration vigilante organization with armed "citizen border patrols" in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, along with a smattering of states on the Canadian border where Minutemen have deployed to protect America from northern invaders.

Simcox has said he moved to Los Angeles from New York (where he relates that he was mugged twice by people who didn't speak English) because he wanted to be a movie star. He didn't make it as an actor. But he's famous now. Hailed as a hero within the anti-immigration movement, Simcox has testified before Congress and been interviewed, repeatedly, on CNN.

A frequent guest on the Fox News show "Hannity & Colmes," Simcox travels the country giving paid lectures at anti-immigration conferences where he receives standing ovations and accolades from other celebrity extremists”.

At; http://www.splcenter.org/intel/news/item.jsp?pid=166&site_area=1

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