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June 09, 2006

Immigration Scare-Tactics: Exaggerated Estimates of New Immigration Under S. 2611

Here is a Policy Spotlight from AILA;

The Immigration Policy Center's new report explains how the debate over S. 2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, has been clouded by grossly exaggerated estimates of the likely scale of future immigration under the bill. Some critics of S. 2611 have claimed that the bill would unleash a veritable flood of anywhere from 66 million to 217 million new immigrants into the United States over the next 20 years. In contrast to the dire predictions of some of the bill's opponents, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the U.S. population would grow by about 7.8 million over the next 10 years under S. 2611. This total takes into account undocumented immigrants who acquire legal status, guest workers, other immigrants who enter the country through family-based or employment-based channels, and any children born to immigrants after they arrive.

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