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June 04, 2006

A Post-Mortem On Fiscal 2007 H-1B Count

This in from AILA;

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 06060270 (posted Jun. 2, 2006)"

Questions are pouring in asking how it could be that on May 25th USCIS indicated that there were as many as 12,000 H-1B quota numbers available, and on May 26th, there were none. As of Wednesday morning, June 1st, USCIS had just finished data-entering cases that were received on May 25th, and began data-entering cases received on May 26th. During the entry of May 26th cases, the cap was reached, making it appear that 12,000 cases arrived overnight.

AILA has inquired into this oddity, and it appears that the problem lies in the processing of filings by the USCIS at the VSC. When the USCIS went to Bi-Specialization filing effective April 1, 2006, VSC was unable to handle the volume of cases it was receiving, because all I-129 case types were to be sent to the VSC, leading to data-entry and receipting backlogs from early on. VSC data-entry and receipting remained backlogged, leading to the lag between delivery of a petition to VSC and its entry into the system. As USCIS updated its cap-count reports, the volume of cases sent to VSC increased, further contributing to the backlog in data-entry and receipting. The cap count reports posted by USCIS failed to mention that not all cases received had been input into the system, and that thus the counts did not include all cases received as of the report dates. Ultimately, the combination of the existing backlog in data entry and the volume of new cases delivered last week made it appear that 12,000 cases arrived overnight.

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