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May 08, 2006

USCIS Posts Updated Fiscal Year 07 H1-B Cap Usage Figures

USCIS has updated its website with the figures for H-1B usage for fiscal year 2007 as of April 24, 2006. Since it began accepting applications on April 1, 2006, USCIS has approved 3,907 H-1B beneficiaries with an additional 8,806 applications pending. In that same period, USCIS approved 898 H-1B Advanced Degree beneficiaries wth 1,460 applications pending. The respective caps are 58,200 for H-1B visas (with an additional 6,800 set aside for the H-1B1 program until October 1, 2006) and 20,000 for H-1B Advanced Degree visas. USCIS estimates the number of beneficiary applications needed to reach the cap, with an allowance for denials and revocations, at 61,000 for H-1Bs and 21,000 for H-1B Advanced Degrees.

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